The Victory Ink Apprentice Program provides real-time support and extensive COACHING IN PERSON in *both* BUSINESS BUILDING and ADVANCED TECHNICAL SKILLS. Our 3 month mentorship program is one of a kind, personalized for each and every student!

side by side coaching from our board-certified master trainer on a regular basis

transform your skills and build confidence in your work

build your own brand and develop effective marketing

learn how to proactively plan, manage, and grow your business  

gain invaluable industry knowledge and exposure

create professional connections and collaborate with other artists

build a strong artist portfolio


•  3 months exclusive, private, and personal access to our board-certified master trainer. Ask questions, observe cases, and get live feedback AS YOU WORK.
•  2 supervised case studies ($900 value) at Victory Ink studio. This bedside instruction and support provides peace of mind for your model/clients and is perfect for new or more difficult cases.
•  Apprenticeship Manual to help you make the most of this extra time, including weekly checkpoints, skills assessments, and client studies. 
•  Video footage and photos during your case studies, latex work, and practice to build your artist portfolio.
•. Weekly training and case study deep dive - participate live or access our Resource Library on your schedule (topics include real clients, MAPPING, hand pressure and depth, professional business skills, social media posting, branding, client management/follow ups, pigment and tool selection, handling asymmetry, color correction, etc)
•  Private weekly one on one meetings (30 min) to completely customize your apprenticeship with feedback where you want it. Need to build your social media following? YES. Or work on mapping? Done. Latex? Let’s do it. Want to talk through designing your social media posts or handling difficult clients? You pick the topics - let’s go! Live feedback on your growing skill set.
•  Weekly live-models / shadowing at Victory Ink studio. Shadow days are posted in the Portal, attend as many as you can to stay current and train your eye.
•. Exposure to complicated case studies, color corrections, pigment removal, and other advanced permanent makeup services, expanding your working understanding of our full profession and creating opportunities for your future.
•. Supervised tattoo work (if your state has a specific hours requirement, we can work to support that requirement)
•. Exclusive access to our Apprentice Portal, resources, supply list, and Training Alumni group.


•. Live support and collaboration with Master Trainer and students
•. Resource library stacked with webinars and videos with targeted instruction and group topics
•. Case Study library that includes a variety of PMU services including color corrections, pigment removal, lip blushing, lashline enhancement, stretchmark/scar revision, asymmetry, mature skin, client management
•. Industry exposure, spotlighting other permanent makeup artists, tools, and techniques to make your work stand out to potential clients
•. Supplies and resource recommendations / links

The Victory Ink Training Academy Apprenticeship is perfect for artists who have completed our expanded Brow Fundamentals or Advanced Brows course, and we welcome those who were certified elsewhere, too! *Please note that a valid bloodborne pathogens certification and tattoo license are requirements for this Apprentice Program. 

COST: $5,000 (+tax)

Fees are nonrefundable. Certificate of Completion provided upon successful completion of the Apprentice Program. Apprenticeship is not a replacement for our Advanced master course.

I am currently enrolled in the Victory Ink apprentice program. It's already made a huge impact on my career as a PMU artist! I can't say enough good things about how wonderful this experience has been! I am shadowing Rachel in the studio and I have access to advanced cases and techniques ALL the time! The workbook keeps me growing, and I love the live videos in the resource library!

I have learned SO much and already feel more confident in my own work. Rachel is an absolute GEM to work with - she believes in me and pushes me to do the work to become a better artist. Our one on one meetings are AMAZING. She showed me 3 different ways to map this week and it finally clicked - it has saved me so much time! After my training I did not feel prepared to start my own business right away, I'm so glad this apprenticeship is personalized for ME. Honestly, this program is helping me walk me through each stage of building my dream. THANK YOU.


I've been an artist for a couple of years and I am struggling to get clients. I decided to do this apprentice program because there are a lot of artists in this town - my work needs to stand out. I also want to work on the admin part of running my business. Since Rachel has 20-some yrs of experience in building businesses, I knew I made the right choice with Victory. It's only been a month and I'm already doing my own accounting, creating my brand (hadn't even thought of that), and I did some of the social media stuff Rachel suggested and booked 3 clients for next month! OK, WOW! I'm excited to use some of the brow techniques we are practicing, too. If you're already a PMU artist, this apprentice program will help you GROW. You will stand out and get clients if you do the work! I am so glad I invested in myself. It's already paying off! 


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