I had an amazing experience at Victory Ink. I was hesitant at first to have my brows done, but it's always something I've wanted. Rachel was thorough in explaining every detail from start to finish. She made sure I left feeling confident and myself. I love the values and mission of this company and cannot recommend Rachel enough! My brows look
FANTASTIC. I''m obsessed!


This service has given me such a confidence boost. I feel so much better and the person Rachel IS just made my appointment that much better! She calmed me and made me feel less nervous. She is easy to talk to and has such an uplifting spirit! I highly recommend seeing her. Honestly, I didn’t realize the boost it would give me until she was done. I’m so glad I was led to her and the outcome is even better than I expected!   


Victory Ink is the best studio around! The studio is classy and calm, it has awesome music and great parking. Working with Rachel was incredible, she CARED about every part of my appointment. I love, love, love what you’re doing, Rachel! I CANNOT STOP STARING AT MY BROWS, they are WOAH. I’ll be back for lips soon! 


Of course the permanent jewelry was top of the line, just like everything else at Victory Ink. There were so many high quality options, I had to get 3 bracelets! Thanks so much for adding permanent jewelry to your services! 

Dr. M

Not only has Rachel knocked my brows out of the park, I trust her enough to send my patients to her when they ask about permanent makeup. Rachel is by far the most highly-trained brow artist in our region and SHE CARES about every client. She's not afraid to tell someone "no" when something isn't in their best interest, and she trains artists to do the same. She is working with tattoo agencies and the health department to improve standards in our area.  As a physician, I trust Victory Ink completely. I wish every artist in our area would take the Victory Ink training!


I am so grateful I chose Rachel at Victory Ink to do my brows. There are a lot of good artists in our area, but I’m here to tell you, she stands apart! She went above and beyond to make everything personal and special for me, and her technique blew me away. Worth the wait!!! She’s doing my lips next week! CALL HER, LADIES!


Attention to detail from start to finish! Her messages, the vibe in her gorgeous studio. And she is very meticulous in her work! I watched her do the microblading part and the detail is unreal. Every hairstroke is intentional and so realistic and I can’t even tell what is real lol. I am floored!! LOVE THEM. Thank you, Rachel!  


Very professional with a warm approach. Rachel was very informative and I was to text or call her with any concerns. I would recommend Victory Ink in a heart beat.



I did a lot of research before choosing Rachel at Victory Ink, and her photos speak for themselves. Wow. But it was her personal attention before, during and after my appointment that also sets her apart. I felt SEEN and HEARD. She listened to my concerns, asked my thoughts, I felt like a part of the entire process. That is not something you find elsewhere, and I’m so glad I went to her. I LOVE my brows! Can’t wait to get my lashline done next!   



I have gotten so many compliments since my lip blushing! I love how delicate it is, and how s enhanced my natural lip color. My lips look young and luscious! Thanks, Rachel! I’ll see you next week for brows!


Besides being just an all-around absolutely phenomenal human being, Rachel is clearly an artist and is passionate about what she does! You can immediately feel comfortable putting your brows in her hands as she is 100% competent! Thank you Rachel for an amazing experience. You are THE BEST!   


I’ve wanted to do this forever! And I am so glad I did! Rachel is a gem. She took her time, was a joy to chat with, and it was completely painless! If you’re considering microblading – look her up!  


Rachel went beyond my expectations! She did an excellent job with my eyebrows, she was very professional and very friendly, and she made me feel comfortable. She corrected an old microblading job I got in the past, now my eyebrows look like I always wanted! She gave me back my confidence. I definitely recommend her services!  


Rachel is a true artist! I love the results and had an instant confidence boost after she gave me boss brows!  


I realized around 8 PM tonight that I hadn’t put on an ounce of make up today. It felt good to not even notice or worry about it, thanks to Rachel for my amazing brows!!!  


I loved my experience with Rachel! Very professional, she made me feel comfortable with the process. She asked my input and customized everything just for me. Having a follow up appointment was fantastic! Rachel was phenomenal and was so caring to check in on me! I loved how my brows turned out and I’m excited to come back in a year or two for a color boost! 


I struggle to see details in the mirror when I do my makeup. The lashline enhancement was perfect! It’s so natural and makes my lashes look fuller, and I don’t have to fuss with doing it myself anymore! 


I didn’t realize how much having my brows done would increase my confidence! Love my new brows and I highly, highly recommend Rachel. She is incredibly talented and meticulous in her work. Not only that, she is a joy to work with and she made the whole process enjoyable! 


If you’re considering in microblading service, contact Rachel at Victory Ink. After cosmetology school, my brows were never the same. Over waxed, over tweezed, and now I LOVE the way they look! I feel more put together without make up and I am able to spend less time in the mirror. Worth the investment! 


Rachel did an amazing job on my new brows. She assured me that I had nothing to worry about. Hearing her story of how and why she got into microblading is very touching, too. I can’t stop looking at my face and finally smiling! 


I overplucked when I was younger and had nothing for brows. Rachel SLAYED my new brows and I couldn’t be happier!  


Y’all I’m so in love! I was on the fence about getting my brows done for over a year and felt like God all of a sudden brought Rachel into my life and showed me her work. Now look at the confidence she has given me! Highly recommend!


I have been researching permanent makeup artists for over a year and so many of my friends told me to wait and go to Rachel when I was back in Sioux Falls, so that’s what I did! She even did a video consult with me, she is awesome! These brows are worth every penny of the flight and I got to hug my family! 


Rachel was awesome! She explained every step along the way, her attention to detail was evident from the second I walked in, and we had great conversation throughout. I would highly recommend!    


I’m so glad I came back to Rachel for my maintenance boost. She did my brows over two years ago and we reconnected last fall - she took the time to educate me on the fading process and why I needed to wait a bit longer before my boost. I’m so glad that I did, she was able to re-create the magic! Ladies, not every maintenance boost is created equal. I checked out some other “annual maintenance” options in town and NONE of them held a candle to Victory Ink. I’m not taking a shortcut on my face! The techniques that Rachel uses make SUCH a difference! She is absolutely a master artist and she cares! Don’t go anywhere else!


This sweet girl is a powerhouse! She’s had so much training and experience, and it shows! I am impressed with how seriously Rachel takes cosmetic tattooing - she is on another level. Technique matters, y’all! If she’s done your brows before, trust no one else! She’ll take care of you for life! 


I am currently taking Rachel's Brow fundamentals course and I am so glad that I chose Rachel to be my instructor she is extremely knowledgeable, caring and shares with the class her own experiences! Just from listening and talking with her you can tell how passionate she is about what she does and i feel as though she has breathed that passion, attention to detail, care about what's best for the clients and continuing PMU education and new methods into me and my classmates! Rachel has really set us up for success by showing us different ways to map eyebrows, making sure we have a binder full of information to reference from our time in class and also making a Facebook group for us to talk and share our experiences as new PMU artists! I'd like to say she trying to start a community of like minded people! She has said multiple times that once we leave class we can message her with any questions on PMU and our clients! Honestly she has been a real joy to learn from and I can't wait to take more courses with her!


  Rachel is fantastic! She has a wonderful, caring, and outgoing personality while being completely professional. She does excellent work and is very helpful with explaining the process. I highly recommend you book an appointment with her! 



Rachel did my brows a few days ago & I’ve had so many compliments from friends already! She was responsive to my questions beforehand and did a great job thoroughly explaining the process and after care guidelines. Rachel is very professional, easy-going, and genuinely cares about her clients and their needs. I highly recommend her!  


You killed it, mama! Thanks so much for the new brows! You are so gifted! 


Hello Rachel, this is Niki. I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I truly love my new brows!! I’m truly in love. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate every single thing you did. Making me feel comfy every step of the way. I am so glad life lead me to you. Thank you for making me feel good in my own skin again. 


My dermatologist referred me to Rachel at Victory because she is the most educated artist in our area and would be the best for my skin. I was really blown away during our consultation! Rachel was so thorough. I could tell she wants to keep me safe AND get great results. I am so grateful she is in Sioux Falls and I love my eyebrows for the first time in my life! 


Highly recommend the Brow Fundamentals course. I just finished my training with Rachel. I'm excited to watch my growth as a PMU artist. I'm glad I chose this class!


Rachel is funny, engaging, and instantly made me feel like we had known each other for years. Her talent speaks for itself in her portfolio - wow! It felt such a personal service.  Thank you for such a comfortable, positive experience!  

Beth & Lisa

My sister and I drove 4 hours from Nebraska to have Rachel do our brows. After so many recommendations for her, we had to do a girls trip! Our brows were worth every minute. We just LOVED Rachel. She is an incredible artist, but she’s an incredible person, too! What a great heart for the Lord and passion for encouraging women! She made us feel SPECIAL, and that is rare these days!


Rachel is fun and professional. I was surprised when she was done because of how painless the process was. Highly recommend Victory Ink for permanent makeup!!


I had an amazing experience at Victory Ink. I was hesitant at first to have my brows done, but it's always something I've wanted. Rachel was thorough in explaining every detail from start to finish. She made sure I left feeling confident and myself. I love the values and mission of this company and cannot recommend Rachel enough! My brows look FANTASTIC... I'm obsessed!