Permanent jewelry is custom fit jewelry without a clasp, held together by a small weld flash. It's delicate, but strong! We call it permanent because it stays put until you decide to remove it; absolutely nothing touches or breaks the skin in any way. It's completely safe and painless! Bring a friend and visit our luxury jewelry bar to make a memory today!

Permanent jewelry is a luxurious experience to share with a friend or loved one - make a sweet memory together, forever! Seamless jewelry is also perfect for littles, with parental supervision. *We ask that minors under 14 bring a parent or guardian.

At Victory Ink, we use only the highest quality materials for every service: genuine 14k or higher gold filled jewelry and .925 sterling silver. This means your beautiful pieces will last for decades with proper care!


  • $75 for one Bracelet or Anklet
  • $140 for two Bracelets/Anklets ($10 off the stack*)
  • $200 for three Bracelets/Anklets ($25 off the stack*)
  • $250 for four Brackets/Anklets ($50 off the stack*)  *Stacks are per person, per appointment
  • $125 for each Necklace up to 18" ($10 per inch over 18") 
  • All charms and connectors are $20 each

* Stacks are per person, per appointment

1 repair weld included, additional repair welds $25

We are an appointment-only studio but can occasionally accommodate last minute jewelry appointments. Please text 605-215-1044 for availability. 



I'm having permanent makeup done there soon, can I get jewelry at the same time? YES! It's the perfect compliment to your service. Just ask during your appointment, we can't wait to see you.

Is there a discount if I buy more than one piece? YES! Ask us about stacking during your visit.

Can I bring my daughter for permanent jewelry? We love mommy + me appointments! Permanent jewelry has a custom fit, so there won't be clasps or dangly pieces to snag on clothing. Parental supervision is recommended.

What if I need to take my jewelry off? Simply cut the jump ring where it was welded and when you're ready to reattach it, bring it back to the studio. If you'd prefer, we can cut it for you.

Will my jewelry tarnish? No! Because we use the highest quality materials: 14k gold fill and .925 sterling silver, so you don't need to worry about discoloration.

How long does permanent jewelry last? Victory Ink permanent jewelry should last 5 or more years with proper care.

What happens if my jewelry breaks? If its breaks at the weld, we will repair it at no charge. If the chain breaks, we will repair it with a small weld fee. We are not responsible for lost jewelry. 

Do I need an appointment? Our services are by appointment-only, so we can take walk ins for permanent jewelry as our schedule allows. Please call or text us at 419-902-4241 to coordinate a visit! If you're coming with a group of 3+, making an appointment is suggested for the best experience.

What's the difference between gold-plating and gold-filled? Most regular "gold" jewelry has very thin gold plating over copper or brass and can tarnish or discolor your skin. Gold filled jewelry is superior quality with a much thicker layer of 14k gold, which will not tarnish or affect the skin.

What if I have a nickel allergy? There is no nickel in 14k gold fill. Sterling silver is an alloy that contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Most people who want to wear nickel-free jewelry can safely wear both 14k gold fill and .925 sterling silver.