Victory Ink in Sioux Falls specializes in modern permanent makeup techniques that compliment your personal beauty and individuality, and achieve the most natural, multidimensional results with cosmetic tattooing: Microblading, Digital / Nano Brows, Ombre and Powder Brows

MICROBLADING is the hyper realistic enhancement of eyebrows with natural, hand-placed hairstrokes, which creates fullness, more symmetrical shape, and adds structure. Microblading eyebrows can be done with a handheld pen or by machine in a digital "nano" blading method.

OMBRE / POWDER BROWS resemble a soft and balanced, fuller brow created by makeup. Shading can be light to heavy based on client preference. This technique is ideal for sensitive or mature skin. 

COMBINATION BROWS are a custom hybrid of microbladed hairstrokes and some level of shading, and are a beautiful choice for many skin types. The most hyper realistic results combine crisp strokes for plenty of lifelike detail plus gentle shading for balance and weight.

Every brow appointment at Victory Ink™ in Sioux Falls begins with a thorough consultation when you arrive. This is a personal service, so we take time to listen to your preferences and to evaluate your skin and history to determine the brow technique most appropriate for you. We are a team! 

Brows are a 2 step process: the initial appointment and a retouch appointment 2-6 months later. The retouch visit is not optional; this important step  completes, enhances, and prolongs your results. To best plan for your appointments, please read the following service details thoroughly. 


  • When you arrive at Victory Ink, we will have a consultation to discuss medical history, skin type, and habits, and create a customized brow service plan together. If you have extremely oily skin, hairstrokes may heal with a soft powder look rather than a defined stroke; the combination or powder brow is a great option for this skin type. If you have fragile, sensitive, or mature skin, a natural ombré / powder brow is the the most gentle option for this skin type.  
  • Permanent Makeup / Cosmetic Tattoos are not recommended for those undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or immunotherapy treatment, those on prednisone, steroids, or blood thinners, for women who are pregnant or nursing, or those with MRSA, blood borne or contagious illness, lupus, or who have a history of facial shingles. Tattoos should be avoided within 2 weeks of any vaccination or surgical procedure. (**Clients with anemia, diabetes, rosacea, psoriasis, or previous cancer history MUST bring a dr. note to the appt authorizing procedure.**) 
  • PMU procedures are strictly prohibited if Accutane has been used within 6 months of procedure. 1 year, preferred. PMU procedures are prohibited if Doxycycline antibiotics have been taken within 3 months of procedure. 
  • To avoid serious complications, NO growth serums on the brows (including castor oil) for 90 days before your service. Please book accordingly.
  • You must stop all exfoliating acids (retinols, retinoids, alpha-hydroxy acid, tretinoin or similar) above the cheekbones for 30 days BEFORE and for 30 days AFTER your brow service, no exceptions. This will have a direct impact on your comfort during the procedure and on results. 
  • Plan to avoid direct sun or tanning for 30 days BEFORE and 30 days AFTER your procedure (sunglasses/hat are your friends!). Tanning has a direct impact to your comfort during the procedure, as well as your results.  
  • Avoid tinting/dying your eyebrows, spray tanning or waxing for 2 weeks prior to your appointment. Let your brows be bushy; we will clean them up!
  • Schedule any facials 30 days before or 60 days after your brow procedure. Botox 30 days before or 2 weeks after. Frequent chemical peels and lasers cause premature fading so the forehead should always be avoided.
  • Please avoid alcohol the night prior to your appointment and avoid caffeine, smoking, alcohol, fish oil, NSAIDs (aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen and similar) the day of your appointment unless medically necessary. These directly impact your comfort during the procedure, retention and the quality of your healed result. 
  • If you are feeling ill or directly exposed to something contagious, on antibiotics, or have a sunburn or blemish within a finger’s width of the brow on the day of your appointment, please contact us as early as possible to reschedule.   
  • Please come to your appointment with minimal makeup to avoid contaminating the service area. Topical anesthetics are used during the procedure for your comfort. 


  • DAY ONE: Carefully blot your brows for the first few hours with a clean+dry paper towel or cotton round to absorb excess serous fluid. Minimal irritation is normal and disappears quickly.
  • For the FIRST 30 DAYS brows may be dry, slightly tender, or flaky. Some areas may look a bit lighter or darker during this process. This is 100% normal and varies by individual. DO NOT PICK. If you pick, you can cause scarring. Please be patient and allow brows adequate healing over the course of 10 weeks.
  • TWICE A DAY FOR 14 DAYS gently rinse brows with warm water and pat dry with paper towel. Once dry, use a qtip or clean finger to apply a very, very thin amount of the aftercare cream provided. 
  • TO SHOWER: Face away from the faucet and cup hands around forehead to protect brows. Avoid the brows when you cleanse your face. Blot them dry with a paper towel or cotton round after bathing.
  • Avoid getting anything on the brows for 14 days. No soaps, creams, makeup, spray tans etc. After two weeks you may gently wash with mild cleanser; don't scrub.
  • Absolutely NO SWEATING for 14 days. Avoid hot tubs, baths, saunas, tanning, and exercise for 2 weeks. Sweat is salt and we use salt to lighten PMU, so your brows WILL fade. Patience is key - your Victory Brows are worth it! Protect your investment!
  • No acids (retinols/retinoids, hyaluronic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid, tretinoin or similar) above the cheekbones for 30 days, no exceptions. These products will discolor pigment and are never recommended for brows.
  • It’s very important to avoid tanning and direct sun on your brows for 30 days. Sun discolors tattoo pigment, so sunglasses and hats are your friend, every time! After 30 days, apply SPF to brows frequently.
  • Growth serums are never recommended after permanent makeup.
  • Wait 30 days to tint your brow hair - never use bleach.
  • Long term results vary as every face and body chemistry is unique. Permanent makeup is a more superficial process than traditional body art tattooing, so fading WILL happen. The better you care for your brows, the more beautiful and lasting your results will be. After care MUST be closely followed. Not following after care can change or prevent future work.
  • Expect the color to lighten 25-50% after the first appointment. At your retouch 2-3 months later, we will fine tune any fading and add fresh texture and detail. If you have very oily skin or large pores, strokes may heal softer and less defined. If you have mature or very sensitive skin, your work may heal a bit lighter. In general, lighter skin tones show more contrast than darker skin tones.
  • A Maintenance Colorboost will be needed every 2+ yrs to maintain that fresh, natural appearance. When you notice brows have faded by 30-40%, please reach out and schedule your visit.
  • If you have your permanent makeup done at Victory Ink and choose to go elsewhere for touch-ups, we may not be able to do future treatments for you.

More questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page!


  • BROWS WITH RACHEL  $599+tax : Customized modern eyebrow cosmetic tattoo service, visit 1  (includes microblading / shading / combination brows, digital nano blading, powder or ombre technique). Brow Retouch / Visit 2 is $100+tax, 2-6 months after initial service
  • Maintenance Colorboost is available for existing Victory Ink clients only, 18+ months post procedure, cost $350+tax. Prior to booking, please text brow photos to 605-215-1044. 

Payment methods accepted are credit card and cash. NO personal checks. 

If you are not a previous Victory client and have had microblading or brow tattooing, a consultation is required. You may book a New Service Consultation or text photos to 605-215-1044. Photos should be of your entire face from the front and both sides, without makeup and in good natural lighting please. This is not considered a colorboost as the work was done by another technician. It will require a full procedure, possibly color correction and full pricing applies. In some cases, removal may be recommended first if the previous work is too saturated.