Rachel Lemons is the AAM Board Certified Owner Artist at Victory Ink™ and the Master Trainer at Victory Ink Studio and Training Academy in Sioux Falls, SD. She specializes in customizing the most natural, hyperrealistic Permanent Makeup possible and teaching new artists how to do the same. Her expertise with advanced industry tools and methods combined with her personal approach makes client and student experiences feel luxurious and special. Honoring a client’s inherent beauty and acting with integrity are top priorities! She believes that restored confidence is a personal victory for each of her clients and she considers it an absolute honor to share part of their story.  

Rachel has a robust background in women’s wellness, nutrition, and clinical self care after spending 23 years in business development. She is Board Certified with the prestigious American Academy of Micropigmentation and holds multiple certifications in brows, eyes, lips, advanced removal, and paramedical tattooing from several master-level PMU programs throughout North America. Victory Ink Studio and Training Academy is  the culmination of a lifelong dream to empower women with luxury, love, and comfort. She’s asked often why she named her studio Victory. While it certainly describes the rebuilt self-confidence gifted to each of her clients, it’s also testimony to God’s great grace, and her own resilience and ambition.  

Bailey Bowers was raised in Sioux Falls and graduated from Lincoln High School. Before joining Victory ink, she worked for several years in the dental field, assisting with a mobile program that provided dental care to children throughout South Dakota. She has combined her top-notch attention to detail and passion for kind patient care with a brow certification and apprenticeship from the Victory Ink Training Academy! Bailey's specialty is creating soft, natural combination brows.
When she’s not banging out beautiful brows, Bailey loves reading physiological thrillers, refinishing furniture, and creating gifts for friends and family. She lives in Sioux Falls with her family and precious dog baby, Rus.

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