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Frequently Asked Questions: Modern Eyebrow Tattooing (Microblading, Ombre / Powder and Combination Brows)

Why should I choose Victory Ink?

At Victory Ink™ in Sioux Falls, SD, we regard every client service as the start of a beautiful partnership, a relationship that will last for years. Owner and AAM Board Certified Master Artist Rachel Lemons has earned more than a dozen permanent makeup certifications in microblading, digital microblading / nano, shading and ombre / powder brows, several specialty hairstroke techniques, Sculpted lashline enhancement eyeliner, lip blush tattoo, and saline removal. Our artists have logged hundreds of hours of training for permanent makeup and esthetics and spent time at the hip of established pmu masters all over the country. Our specialty is creating confidence through hyper realistic cosmetic tattooing, and she uses several custom techniques to achieve the most natural for each client that comes to the Victory Ink studio. Owner Rachel Lemons is board certified by the prestigious American Academy Of Micropigmentation.  

Are all cosmetic tattoo artists trained the same / is all microblading eyebrows the same?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. While more standards and regulations are finally being put into place, cosmetic brow tattooing is still unregulated in many areas. Not every artist receives the same training, is certified or insured, has the same background, or can use every technique available. It is incredibly important to do your research, ask about certifications and licensing, and choose your artist based on their work. You will be wearing it on your face for years! Victory Ink Training Academy offers both fundamental and advanced brow courses from AAM Board Certified Master Trainer Rachel Lemons.

What are the different kinds of brow services? 

The modern cosmetic tattoo techniques for brows are microblading, digital microblading or nano, ombre and powder brow shading, and combination brows. There are beautiful benefits to each technique, however not every technique is suited for all skin types. During your consultation at Victory Ink, we will discuss your skin type and history, skin sensitivities, and preferences to create a service plan together. 


What is microblading? 

While “microblading” is often used to describe all modern cosmetic tattoo techniques for brows, the term microblading actually refers to placing individual hair strokes in the skin of the brow area with a microblading pen. Hairstrokes can also be placed by a handheld machine (nano / digital microblading). 


What are ombre / powder brows?

Ombre or powder brows are created with a handheld machine that delicately layers tiny pixels of pigment in the skin. This is also called shading. This brow style typically has a more make up type appearance and is a wonderful choice for clients with oily, mature, or sensitive skin. 


What is a combination brow?

At Victory Ink, the popular combination brow technique is a custom hybrid of delicate hairstrokes and soft shading. After detail and structure are laid with strokes, machine shading is softly layered to increase density and fullness. Light or heavy, strokes and saturation are based on skin health and client preference. Combination brows are a beautiful choice for most skin types.


What are #victorybrows ?

Victory brows are amazing permanent makeup eyebrows done at Victory Ink in Sioux Falls, SD! important details make our services unique and personal, beginning with an empowering consultation and service education. Ideal shape that is built to your facial specs, custom details and blending techniques for your skin type and texture, and perfectly-selected pigments that keep your work looking hyper realistic. Victory brows are organic. Soft and sophisticated. Oozing with confidence. The real victory is realizing your own beauty and worth. Claim it!


What is the difference between traditional tattooed eyebrows and microblading? Why does microblading fade?

Traditional body art tattoos are placed deep in the skin and considered permanent. Until the late 1990’s this was the only option for cosmetic tattoos / permanent makeup. Techniques for facial tattooing have since evolved into highly-specialized services that are much safer for the skin and more natural in appearance. Victory Ink specializes in the most modern cosmetic tattoo techniques: microblading, digital microblading (nano), shading, ombre and powder brows, lashline enhancement liner, and lip blush. Special pigments are placed more superficially in the skin and are designed to gently fade over time. This fading allows for the softened, natural appearance that makes these modern techniques so lifelike and spectacular! Fading will eventually reach a point where a color boost is suggested to revitalize the work. This is explained during your appointment. 


What happens at a Victory Ink consultation?

We love consultations! Cosmetic tattooing is a personal and important decision, and we want you to feel completely comfortable and confident with the procedure and with Victory Ink! Consultations provide an opportunity to see the studio, meet your artist and create relationship. Bring photos, a list of questions, your mama if you’d like, and we will talk about the service, aftercare, and expectations. Consultations are required for clients with previous tattooing and before removal. For out of town clients, consultations are available by phone or video!   


How do you create the brow shape? Can I get microblading if I don’t have any brow hairs? 

Brow shape is something you are born with. Just like your natural beauty, we want to enhance and honor your most organic brow structure at Victory Ink. Our mapping techniques use your anatomy to identify the features of your most natural brows – these landmarks appear even if you don’t have brow hairs. We can make small adjustments for symmetry, together. It’s very important to achieve facial balance as well as maintain your own expressions and individual personality. Your artist will map a suggested brow shape with pencil and give you a mirror so that your input is part of the process!


What happens at a cosmetic tattoo / microblading appointment? 

At a Victory Ink cosmetic tattoo appointment, we start with a thorough consultation to go over questions, discuss your skin and history, and talk about the process. We want clients to be completely comfortable and a part of their service! We map the new brow design using specific measurements and anatomical markers to create the best and most natural brows possible. Pigments are custom blended to match the client’s brow hair and skin tone, and we use topical numbing throughout the appointment for comfort. Clients get some amazing aftercare to take home when we are finished as well as instructions and support through the easy healing process. 


How many sessions are needed to complete brows / what is a brow retouch? 

We consider brows a two-step process. The first brow visit is 2 hours and will lay the incredible foundation for new brows. Clients leave the studio with brows full of crisp detail and color. About 8 weeks later, clients return for a perfecting retouch appointment of one hour. At the retouch appointment, we add additional details and dimension, make any adjustments necessary, balance shading, and fine tune color. 


How long does microblading / permanent makeup last?

With proper aftercare, we estimate brows will last one to three years before needing a boost. Permanent makeup retention varies based on several factors like sun exposure, medications, hormones, skin type, etc. This is something we go over during the appointment. Once brows have faded by approximately 40%, clients return to Victory Ink for a full-service maintenance color boost. 


What is a maintenance color boost?  

Unlike traditional body art tattoos that are permanent, modern cosmetic tattoo techniques gently fade over time. The pigments are placed more superficially in the skin, which allows for the softened, natural appearance that makes these techniques so realistic! Fading will eventually reach a point where a maintenance color boost is suggested to revitalize the work. Retention is different for everyone, so we don’t bring clients back annually (it is often much longer). Fading of 40-50% is ideal - there must be space in the skin layers to accept fresh pigment and allow for detail. Please message @victoryink on social or email info@victoryinkstudio.com when you feel you’re ready. We will ask for photos and make a plan! PLEASE NOTE that maintenance color boosts are available to existing Victory Ink clients only. If you are new to Victory Ink and interested in having us go over your previous work, please call, message, or email info@victoryinkstudio.com to set up a free consultation.  


What is the healing process like after microblading / permanent makeup? 

There is no downtime after a microblading / cosmetic tattoo appointment. During a Victory Ink brow appointment we will teach you simple after care, share a few things to avoid for the first two weeks of healing, and tell you what to expect afterward. Fresh brows will go through a 2 week healing process of appearing more or less saturated for a few days, lightly flaking, and then softening in the skin.  


Can you microblade over tattooed brows?  Can Victory Ink do my brow maintenance?

Every tattoo process is unique and having prior work means results may not look the same as virgin skin. Victory Ink evaluates new clients with previous tattoo work on a case by case basis. Please email photos of your brows to info@victoryinkstudio.com for evaluation. You can also schedule a free consultation. Once we see your brows, we can make a plan! 


Does microblading / shading hurt?

Victory Ink uses topical anesthetics and multiple techniques to keep our clients as comfortable as possible during their cosmetic tattoo service. While every individual is different, most clients experience no more than very mild discomfort. Having caffeine before your appointment will make your skin more sensitive.   


Can you microblade over scars?

In most cases, cosmetic tattooing is possible if you have a scar in your brow area. If you’re concerned or have a large or raised scar, message info@victoryinkstudio.com or set up a consultation to be sure. Flat, healed scars can easily be filled with hairstrokes or shading, making it an incredible and time saving, natural solution!


Can I have microblading / get a cosmetic tattoo while pregnant or breastfeeding? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to perform microblading or cosmetic tattooing procedures on pregnant or breast-feeding women. Please follow Victory Ink on social media @victoryinkstudio, reach out, and let us help plan your service when you’re ready!


How soon after chemotherapy / cancer treatment can I have my brows done? 

We are honored to bring your brows back. We need to wait at least six full months after your last chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy treatment (including tamoxifen) and you’ll need to bring a doctor’s note to your appointment, giving permission for the procedure. It’s such an empowering and confidence building appointment! 


When is the best time to have microblading before getting married? 

There is no downtime after a microblading / cosmetic tattoo appointment, however the first two weeks are slightly more unpredictable. For that reason, we recommend client’s schedule the first brow service 4 months before a wedding or televised event if possible. This allows 8 weeks after the first visit for healing, the retouch, and the final 8 week healing process. Brows will be beautifully healed and the pigment bloomed to perfection before your big event!


Can I still have microblading / shading if I have good brows already? 

Absolutely! Victory Ink brow services are very delicate so even small changes make a huge impact! Adding hair strokes or shading exactly where its needed is a great way to balance your natural shape, enhance your arch, fluff and fill in your brows.


Can you do back to back appointments for friends?

We can absolutely have a cosmetic tattoo party! Sisters, besties, come on! Send a message on social @victoryinkstudio or email info@victoryinkstudio and let’s plan something together. Each appointment takes approximately two hours. You will both be completely relaxed and comfortable while you are here; what a great memory to make together!


What should I do before my microblading appointment? 

Please visit www.victoryinkstudio.com/services  and read the details about your service. When you book a brow appointment at Victory Ink in Sioux Falls, SD, you’ll receive an email confirmation with the appointment detail, our address, and instructions. PLEASE READ THESE EMAILS as soon as you get them. The morning of your service, please avoid caffeine! Avoid makeup for eyes or lip blush appointments, minimal makeup for brow appointments. Please don’t wax before your appointment; we will clean up your brows. South Dakota regulations require that we have a copy of your photo ID on file to prove you’re over 18. If you are ill, sunburned, or have a blemish inside the service area, please reach out prior to the appointment; we may need to reschedule.  


What happens to my real brow hairs during a service? 

There is no change to your real brow hair during microblading or other permanent makeup. Brows are not shaved off before our services. We do clean up strays around the mapped shape, but your own hair pattern and fluff remains intact and awesome!


Do you speak Spanish?

Lamentablemente no hablamos español. Si necesita servicios de traducción, traiga un intérprete mayor de 18 años a sus citas. Es importante que participe en su servicio y tenga la capacidad de leer los formularios de consentimiento y hacer preguntas. Póngase en contacto con nosotros en info@victoryinkstudio.com si tiene alguna pregunta. ¡Esperamos con interés trabajar con usted!


Where is Victory Ink™ located in Sioux Falls?

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