Victory Ink is the premiere LUXURY PIERCING boutique in downtown Sioux Falls. 

Whether you're new to piercing, looking for fresh jewelry, or want to bring your child to a safe and sophisticated establishment, we are honored to create an incredible piercing experience for you. 

All Victory Ink piercing services consist of a sterilized, single use cannula needle. Hollow needles allow for more versatility, accuracy, and reduce discomfort and the risk for infection. We never use piercing guns or hand pressure devices, as these are painful and traumatic to the body. 

Every piercing experience at Victory Ink is carefully curated for each client. Your personal details matter! We combine our expertise with your unique anatomy and the best jewelry to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing placement. Piercing options include ear lobes and cartilage, nostril, & navel.


Your appointment starts with our Registered Nurse Laura, who will talk through your vision and offer advice and suggestions, whether you are planning your very first piercing or adding to an existing ear collection. You’ll work together to decide the precise location and angle for your new jewelry based on your style, anatomy and body curves, as well as any existing piercings. The spot is marked with a pen and will be adjusted until you agree it’s perfect! After antiseptic preparation of your skin, Laura will complete your luxury piercing as gently as possible. Once the needle is in position, she will ask you to take a few deep breaths to stay relaxed and comfortable. The piercing process and jewelry installation are quick, and we are certain you will leave the studio excited about your new look!


*10 years old for lobes

*16 years old for cartilage, navel, or nose

* Legal guardian must be present, photo ID (guardian) & birth certificate (minor) are required


At Victory Ink, we use only the highest-quality materials for every piercing. Our luxury jewelry is all hypoallergenic, implant-grade titanium. 14k solid gold options can be ordered upon request. 


  • Please sleep well and eat a nutritious meal or snack within 2 hours of your appointment (this is really important!)
  • Avoid caffeine, NSAIDs, drugs and alcohol before your appointment.


  • DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PIERCING unless you're cleaning it. When you do, be sure to wash your hands.
  • Do not rotate or move the jewelry during the healing period 
  • Use saline rinse once a day for the first few weeks, and as needed during healing. Some piercing placements may necessitate cleaning with a sterile gauze or cotton swab+saline. 
  • Piercing/travel pillows are highly recommended for ear piercings, especially cartilage. This keeps pressure off of the piercing while you're asleep.
  • Avoid submerging your piercing in a body of water for at least 2 months. 
  • For ears: keep earbuds, over-the-ear headphones, etc off of the piercing while healing. 
  • Limit stress, get plenty of rest, and boost your immune system by eating healthy foods!


  • $50 for each piercing
  • $95 for a set of ear lobes  
  • We would love to upgrade your old piece, $30 change fee
  • Post change, $15
  • Jewelry ranges from $30-$60 for each piece