WHAT MAKES VICTORY INK DIFFERENT? We do things differently! 

Microblading is one of my favorite permanent makeup techniques, but it takes some heat (when done incorrectly) and I want to talk about it. As a Board Certified artist who also does advanced correction and removal work, I’m the first to tell you that there is bad work and subpar training out there. Contrary to popular belief, permanent makeup artists do not all receive the same education. Doing research before booking an appointment is crucial. This is why Victory Ink is transparent, showing unedited work and healed results on multiple skin types. We insist on educating clients and creating a relationship of TRUST.

When microblading is done properly on good candidates, it remains the most hyper realistic option for permanent makeup hairstrokes. It is absolutely luxurious! Proper skin depth, pigment type, and touch yield mind-boggling results that soften and stabilize for a couple of years before needing a little boost. Love, love, love!

So what’s the issue then? Lack of proper education and knowing when/how to use the microblading technique safely is the biggest problem I see. Not every client is a candidate for it; some need a different approach to achieve gorgeous results. Working too deep and using the wrong techniques/tools on complicated skin creates scar tissue + DAMAGE. Overpigmentation caused by frequent “annual maintenance” also creates damage.

I want to encourage clients to ask questions and choose the best artist they can afford. You’re worth it! For every skin type, there are proper ways to achieve natural-looking results. You need an artist with resources, who is skilled in ALL methods and who knows SKIN. And, if you have had your brows done before but worry you may already have overpigmentation or scar tissue, please dm us. Victory Ink specializes in safe solutions to get your brows back to beautiful!

I also want to encourage fellow pmu artists to ELEVATE YOUR WORK by taking advanced level training! Love what you do so much that you go beyond the basics to learn new ways to microblade safely, how to combine other techniques to achieve similar natural results, how to handle complicated skin, and create the most beautiful outcome for every single client. They deserve the best!

This passion for skin and superior work is why I created the
Victory Ink Training Academy.  Our brow courses are comprehensive and packed with practical advice on skin, tools, pigmentology + color. We offer an expanded Brow Fundamentals course for new artists, and an incredible **Advanced Brows mastery course** for established artists! We teach several techniques (advanced microblading, shading, combination, nano, magnum) because a truly great artist needs multiple resources to properly care for every client and produce consistently beautiful healed results!

Victory Ink is always here to help enhance natural beauty from the inside out, and create the most natural permanent makeup possible!

- Rachel [IG posted 05.04.23]